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How to Join Lineage2Legion

Postby Kill4h » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:02 am

Lineage 2 Legion - Grand Crusade: Installation Instructions

Our website:

1) Download the game (2 different mirrors provided, any will work): ... t=download!0eB0RIZS!RGm506vctH72 ... NkcsNcMYA4

2) Download the PACTH (its a MAP PACTH, it is not neccessary to run the game, however it includes some endgame Areas): ... E.rar/file

3) Download the AutoUpdater: ... R.rar/file

4) Install the GAME and Extract the PATCH into your "Lineage 2" Main Folder.

5) Delete ALL content inside Lineage 2 "system" folder. Extract the AUTOUPDATER and place it inside "system" folder.

6) Run the AUTOUPDATER (Lineage2Legion.exe) and press FULLCHECK.

7) Enjoy the game!

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