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How to Connect / Join Server

Postby Kill4h » Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:53 pm

Dear Players!

For those of you who didnt try our server yet, this is the GUIDE on how to connect:

1. You Must have Lineage 2 GoD: LINDVIOR (Download)

2. Download our AUTO-UPDATER (Download)
Extract the Auto-Updater to your SYSTEM folder.

Here you can download our Auto-Updater:

For full SYSTEM folder go to this link:

For infinite zoom go to this link and replace inside your System folder:

3. Start the game from the Auto-Updater.
Dont forget to do Fullcheck!

4. Accounts are Auto-Created.
Please consider writing down your passwords.

5. Enjoy the game!

See you all ingame!
Lineage 2 Legion Team

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