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You can donate to our server and help it grow and you will receive rewards.

Our Donation System is conceived in a way not to unbalance the game.

Please be aware that donation is not required to play in the server.

The donation items you will receive are: Festival Adena, which can be exchanged for other items.

You understand that you are Donating, you dont buy Festival Adena with Money.

You get the rewards on your account/character as soon as your donation is registered.

For other desired services, contact the GM in game or write a private message to the Admin on the forum.

Donations are vital to keep the server alive and up-to-date.

It is also completely voluntary and we appreciate any help, doesn’t matter how small.

To help you feel safer during the process you can contact our GM by PM ingame.

You may also contact us at: admin@lineage2legion.com

As soon as the Donation is received, the reward will appear in your inventory, or if you are online, will be given to you by head gm to thank you for your support to our server.

The Donations are used to upgrade the server and allow many more players to connect without lag, thus making a better experience for every player.

By donating you are stating that you read, fully understood, accepted and agreed with our: Legal Agreement

You can get full details ingame in our Community Board


1. You Must have the Client: PATCH
Lineage 2 GoD: Grand Crusade (MIRROR)

2. Download our AUTOUPDATER (MIRROR)

3. Delete All System folder content.

Place the loader INSIDE your EMPTY System Folder and Run the Autoupdater (Fullcheck).

4. Start the game from our Autoupdater.

5. Accounts are Auto-Created.
Please consider writing down your passwords.

Enjoy the game!

What are you waiting for?

Start Playing!

You can also join us on DISCORD app.!

Help us increase our great community with new players!
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