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Welcome to Lineage2Legion Server!
Our Goddess of Destruction: Lindvior Free to Play Private Server is up and running and all are welcome to join and play. The rates are custom, with a main focus on the PVP (PlayerVSPlayer) side of the game, but also without giving up on the PVE (PlayerVSEnviroment): Raid Bosses and Epic Raids still drive us crazy!
  We have Daily Events that make a big part of the gameplay. Also, they make everything more interesting. Some of these events are, as they follow: Team vs Team, Last Man, Raid Boss Events, Group vs Group, Olympiads, Open World Raid Bosses, Sieges, PVE+PVP Area, Epic Raids, Instances, and many more!

Our Rates are as Follows:
XP Rate: 1000X SP Rate: 1000X
Max. Level:
Safe enchant: 3 (4 for full body armors)
Succes rate for enchants: 66%
Max Attribute: 450

In this section we will post all the NEWS concerning to our server like different changes that we develop to give the best experience to our players. You can find all the information related to our Lindvior server in our FORUM.
  In this section you can see all kind of related images that we upload from our Goddess of Destruction server and about Lineage 2. Very beautiful art galleries and images can be found here.

Here you can find all our information:
Who we are What we do
Our motivations License

1. You Must have Lineage 2 GoD: LINDVIOR (Download)

2. Download our AUTO-UPDATER
Extract the AutoUpdater to your SYSTEM folder.

3. Start the game from the Auto-Updater.

Dont forget to do Fullcheck!

4. Accounts are Auto-Created.
Please consider writing down your passwords.

5. Enjoy the game!

What are you waiting for? Start Playing!

Help us increase our great community with new players!
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